An exploration of friendships between women and queer people.

This project aims to tell stories of friendships and start conversations about the importance of those dynamics and bonds in our personal lives, collective unconsciousness, and pop culture.

Ladybugs is a multimedia, multi-platform experience, centered around an interview session with a few pairs of folks talking with me and each other about their relationship. I’ll share photos and videos of the two and their shared spaces and artifacts, as well as audio snippets, collected together in a kind of visual essay to be posted here, starting in Fall 2015.

The hope is that this project celebrates the transformative power of female friendships.

Submit stories of you and your best friends and maybe we can feature you (if you live around the New York City area)! Contact for more information.


We’re inspired by women looking out for each other everywhere! Send us pics and stories about you and your best friends. 

Internet Aunts, Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow AKA the originators of the term “Shine Theory” because, I don’t shine if you don’t shine!

The great girls over at Femsplain, whose contributors are telling personal and honest stories about being female-identified. 

Professional Amazing Woman, Roxanne Gay who wrote the essential guide to being friends with another woman.

Girl friend podcasts like The Anti-Casserole, Good Muslim Bad Muslim, Black Girls Talking, Friendshipping, MMHMM Girl, and Two Brown Girls.

Arts collectives and organizations focused on and run by women like Yeah, That’s What She Said.

Other platforms where women tell their own stories like Babe Vibes and the The Coalition


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Joelle Riffle is a Cleveland-born graphic designer and generally creative cutie working as an administrator for an arts and college access program in New York City. She founded and runs visual journal, She was brought up by and has been surrounded by amazing and powerful women all of her life and hopes to celebrate and uplift the stories of women, especially those whose stories are not often told in the mainstream, whenever she can.