001: Katie and Mary

Katie and Mary share a two bedroom apartment in Long Island City. They share it with many blue walls, cute knick knacks, a fuzzy ottomon, and a very cute and homey sensibility.

Listen to the audio from my visit, scroll through photos, and watch videos of the two talking about their friendship.


“You want me to paint your nails while you fall asleep?”

Over the last several years, Katie and Mary have gone from being anonymous floor mates in the dorm to casual work friends who were afraid of each other to legitimate life partners. Their friendship is the kind where each other’s family’s send well wishes to the other as often as their own child, all their friends have holiday cards from them on the fridge, and their names just seem to go really well together. Their friendship is both intimate and seemingly innate but somehow still casual. Being around them you can feel the ease of years of close friendship, the lack of self consciousness. They function like a great comedy duo, with pro-level banter easily charming anyone lucky enough to be the third wheel. The home they share is a reflection of their relationship – the cozy consideredness and a distinct overlap of both of their unique personalities and aesthetics.  Katie and Mary welcomed me over this summer to talk to them about how they became friends and what it’s like to live together and be so close.

Katie travels the country as an admissions counselor and picks trinkets that decorate their home on the way. She also has notorious postcard game. Their apartment has a strong yellow and blue palette with punches of intense textures and patterns, similar to Mary’s wardrobe.







“Because we are very close, a lot of people want to know if we will ever have a relationship.

So that’s how I’m figuring it. Not like how men split us apart. Because men don’t split us apart. That doesn’t happen.”





What is your favorite memory?

What are the things you do together?

Thank you to Katie and Mary for letting me into your home, making great snacks, and giving me booze while you let me tape us cackling.

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