An exploration of friendships between women and queer people.

Ladybugs is a multimedia, multi-platform experience, centered around an interview session with a few pairs of folks talking with us and each other about their relationship. I’ll share photos and videos of the two and their shared spaces and artifacts, as well as audio snippets, collected together in a kind of visual essay to be posted here, starting in Fall 2015.

The hope is that this project celebrates the transformative power of female friendships.

A secondary goal of this project is to document the process of experimenting with this project. This site will change over the development of the feature; everything from layout to colors, branding and content, is subject to change. 

003: Kendra and Maura

Kendra and Maura are solidly adult.

Spending two afternoons with K+M left me feeling glowy and full. I felt honored to be let in on this special secret which they keep, of the fullness of their love for each other, which is never exclusive but always sacred.

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002: Katie Beth and Katie

They met in college in Chicago, Illinois.

Katie Beth and Katie met on Halloween of 2010, introduced by mutual friends at their college, DePaul University. On New Years Day, they sat with me to tell the story of how they became friends, how they became friends again, and all the ways and reasons why they remain friends.

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001: Katie and Mary

Katie and Mary are at home.

Their friendship is the kind where each other’s family’s send well wishes to the other as often as their own child, all their friends have holiday cards from them on the fridge, and their names just seem to go really well together.

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Ladybugs House

I wanted to call together a physical space to enter and dedicate to reflection on our relationships and the people we care about.

The piece was installed and exhibited for the Yeah, That’s What She Said 2016: Body of Work Pop-Up Show from October 21 to October 23, 2016 in Brooklyn, NY.

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